Because SWP has expert knowledge and experience in the Electrical Infrastructure industry, we have the capability to offer a wide range of services.

South West Power’s knowledge and experience enables us to offer our clients a guarantee that we can have your application done, get your Level 3 design certified, and your Level 1 project constructed, at an accelerated time frame. Our clients will deal with the same person from design to delivery.

Our core business as a Level 1 Accredited Service Provider (Level 1 ASP) is the construction and maintenance of the High Voltage Electricity Distribution Network and Low Voltage Electricity Distribution Network. South West Power is your one stop shop.

Level 3 Design:

South West Power can apply for your additional load, design your installation and get your design certified in all 3 Distribution areas in NSW.

Level 1 Accredited Service Provider (Level 1 ASP):

South West Power is fast becoming a name you can trust to carry out your Level 1 Works.

Our specialties are:

Chamber Substations – SWP can supply and install the steelwork, louvered doors, fire dampers, transformers, boards and switchgear. SWP will even arrange the red line survey. This means once South West Power are awarded the job, our clients do not need to do anything other than the bricks and mortar.

Kiosk Substation/Padmount substation – SWP are experienced in the supply and installation of kiosk substations and padmount substations. SWP will survey the easement and provide a red line survey. South West Power can also restore the roads and footpaths to councils requirements.

Cable jointing – South West Power can supply authorised Paper Lead and/or polymeric cable jointers for your project or private network.

Overhead Projects – South West Power can relocate power poles, underground overhead mains, replace power poles etc. SWP has the capability to construct and overhead project, large or small.

Streetlights – SWP has extensive experience in the supply and installation of street lighting. Whether they are base plate mounted or direct buried.

Earthing – South West Power can install your earth electrodes for your substation or for your UGOH, ABS etc. Our drill rig can drill to a depth of 30M in soil and 20M in hard rock.

High Voltage testing – Our in house electricians can test your High Voltage Installation. We can find underground cable faults, test your transformers and switchgear. For further information, please contact us.

Supply of approved joint kits and tools – South West Power can supply approved cable joint kits and cable termination kits. We can supply and install or supply only. SWP also supply battery hydraulic crimpers and cable stands. Please contact us for a quote.